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What is Content Marketing?

  Content marketing is one of my favourite marketing strategies because it helps to solve an age old problem - i.e. increasing sales - without unduly annoying or harassing potential customers. While there is a place for cold outreach in most any...

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What’s the preferred method of introducing a new brand?

What is the preferred method of introducing a new brand, and building awareness of it in the mind of someone who has never heard of me before? I received the above query a few days ago from Randall E. Truesdale Sr, the General Manager of Power Yachts...

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What makes people not just stargaze but actually purchase?

"What makes people not just stargaze but actually purchase?" This is a great question that came up when speaking with one of my contacts, Gene Aquilini. Gene is the owner of Shallow Water Drift Co. - a fly fishing company in Calgary, Alberta. And it’s a...

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