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Keyword Research: How to Choose the Right Keywords

One of the first things you need to do as you embark on an online marketing campaign is make sure that your keywords are a) relevant to your site and offering and b) are low hanging fruit. What do I mean by low hanging fruit? It's all well and good to swing for the...

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Step by Step Video Marketing: How to Build & Rank Your Video

The other day Angelo Lavaggi, a Medallion Real Estate Coach and Productivity Manager, asked me how to go about producing and marketing real estate videos. Luckily, this is my jam, and I love to share, so here you go!   Making Videos Simply and Easily If you are...

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How to Get Started with Target Marketing

Who are your people?   If you are an entrepreneur looking to start or grow your small business, you should be continually asking yourself that question. Not only that, but also: who is interested in your topic or, ideally, passionate about it? Who needs what...

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What is Video Marketing?

Video marketing is content marketing on steroids. It shares a staggering amount of information all at once using moving pictures, sound, colour, verbal and non verbal communication to engage and delight the senses while getting your key message across. As...

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