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Get greater exposure, 

make better connections, and

attract more clients.



Instead of worrying about drumming up more business, focus on delivering your best work. We’ll take care of the rest.



Hiring Lu was the best choice I could have made for my business. In the short time I have been working with her, my visibility has increased every month – even in the competitive arenas. She has delivered on everything she promised and more. She is highly knowledgeable, punctual, and exceptionally well organized. All this was beyond my expectations but what I have appreciated most about her is that she understands what I am trying to create in my business. She listens effectively and comes up with creative solutions which match my goals. If you want to take your business to the next level and want some SEO work done she’s the one to call. Lynda Hoffman

Life Coach, Lynda Hoffman Life Coaching Inc.

Growing your business online can be a confusing and frustrating experience.


There is a ton of information out there, so it’s technically possible to build a funnel –  that attracts and converts your ideal prospects into dream clients – on your own.

But with the sheer amount of information you have process, and the often conflicting advice you come across, it can become too time consuming to sort through, and very difficult to make a decision.

Not only that, but we’re guessing that your passion is in delivering the best service you can to your clients. Not in getting a virtual masters degree in marketing.


What if you could have a steady stream of clients coming to your door, with minimal effort?


As a Lead Generation Agency, We Will Help You Build the Right Funnels to Grow Your Business

People crave security, connection and have a deep need for self-creation and mastery.

How does your business respond to these needs? 

If you are not answering them in a meaningful way, your business will struggle to grow. Your clients won’t be happy, and neither will you.

We will help you build your funnels with intention, so that you can create both value and authentic connections with the people you want to work with – helping you book more new qualified appointments and gain new clients.

More traffic… A functional website…. Social properties….

All of the above are important. And all of them are useful.


But what you really want…?

is an online lead generation machine.

You want to have an overarching strategy to pull everything together and create a well oiled machine. A machine that helps you attract prospects, build meaningful relationships with them that turn them into leads, and then into clients that become your raving fans.

You need a funnel.

In fact you need a number of funnels, that feed into and amplify each other.

An OODA Rocket Sales Loop that becomes a virtuous cycle, continually growing and improving your business.

You can try to build this yourself – spending months researching how to do it and trying various options. Or you could save yourself time and invest in a specialist service to build your marketing funnel, while you relax into simply delivering your service.

That’s OODA Rocket.


OODA is an acronym for OBSERVE, ORIENT, DECIDE, and ACT, and is used in a military strategy called the OODA Loop. A good approach to life in general, it inspired both our company name and our sales process: the OODA Rocket Sales Loop. 
During the sales process we go through 4 distinct stages, at the end of which we loop back to the beginning to continually inform and refine our strategy.

Done-For-You Sales Funnels for Service Businesses 

From strategy to implementation, OODA Rocket offers a fully integrated, comprehensive service to help you get your marketing funnel built and running. 

We automate your lead generation and sales, helping you grow your business.


What You Need

Every year, millions of small businesses try to grow their businesses online.
And yet, over 80% of them fail. What is the secret for the 20% that succeed? 

A lead generation funnel that’s optimised to attract, engage, convince and convert.

More specifically – a lead funnel that works with how people research and shop online today.

With access to more information than ever before, people these days like to explore and think deeply about a product or service, (and how it can improve their lives), before they commit to a purchase.

Motivated by a desire to take charge of their own identities, as well as the well-being of their families and homes, they will research online to get the information they need, and rely on the amplified word of mouth that reviews offer to inform their decision.

This process of research and contemplation is known as the Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT).

It is the 360° review that a person will give any potential product or service that claims to meet their need, before they arrive at a final decision.

In order for you to connect with your ideal audience, and convince them to become your clients, you need to meet them at each stage of their  360° review.

To help you achieve this, the OODA Rocket Sales Funnel follows the steps outlined by Think With Google in the Zero Moment of Truth, helping you to create material for every step along the way.


Depending on where you are with your marketing, your customised OODA Rocket Sales Funnel can cover 3 stages: Acquisition, Nurturing and Monetisation. Across the various stage we will help you build awareness, offer useful information when your prospects are researching solutions and making an educated decision. We can also help you create useful communication material for during the purchase and service delivery stages.


of successful businesses say anticipating customer needs and providing assistive experiences along the customer journey are critical to growth.

Think with Google, Google/Econsultancy, “An Audience of Individuals”, 2017

What We Do

To help you build the funnels you need, we offer copywriting, custom lead magnet creation, Facebook Ad setup, direct and subscriber messaging, and much more…

Attract Prospects




The goal of your lead funnel is to create value. So it should focus on addressing problems and needs that your clients and prospective clients already have. The best way to find out what these are? Ask them.





Once we have an idea of what kind of issues your prospects would like help with, we refresh existing material, and create new content that answers those needs, as fully as possible. 




We then create a lead magnets to attract your prospects to the material we have created – giving them useful content, with even more available if they subscribe to your email list. 



We broadcast these lead magnets using social media posts and ads to gain maximum exposure and attention. These are targeted to audiences that would be specifically interested in what you have to offer.



We also help you to share links to your lead magnets via direct messaging in LinkedIn and targeted website message forms (where applicable), to gather as much interest and engagement as possible.




Once people sign up to your email list as a result of our efforts through social media ads and direct messaging, we continue to nurture interest by sending them targeted messages.

Increase Exposure



Be found when people are looking. When your prospective clients are in the research phase, make sure you turn up as they type key phrases in the search engines.  



Get exposure in mainstream news publications’ online portals, to build authority in the eyes of people and the Google algorithm.




Word-of-mouth is still the most important factor in growing a business. Amplified word-of-mouth even more so, as instead of telling just a few people online reviews can be seen by hundreds or even thousands. We help you to gather and manage online reviews.

Enhance Conversions




Once your audience is large enough, we conduct A/B split testing by creating a randomized test to compare two or more variations of your content – be it a landing page, blog post, lead magnet or email opt-in, to see which converts better.





Direct feedback from visitors to your website will give us the information we need to continue to improve the content and message.




Clear call-to-action buttons, designed to catch the eye and stimulate interest, are key to encouraging people to engage with and move forward in your funnel to the next step.

Building a business is a long-term venture. 

You need to make sure you have the right partners along the way.

Are We a Fit?

Business is about aligned visions and relationships.

For our relationship to be successful, both sides need to ensure that our overall missions, approaches and resources will bring to the table what is needed to get you where you want to go.



We work with people in the business of helping.


We love to work with people acting in service.

  • Both in service of other people – helping them become better versions of themselves and better stewards of their lives (physically, mentally, emotionally and financially) – and
  • in service to the world at large, through environmental awareness and action.

That means we are happy to work with people across a large swath of helping industries – from life coaches to psychotherapists, psychiatrists, physiotherapists, dentists, chiropractors and plastic surgeons as well as gym owners, martial arts schools, environmental organisations or foundations and many more. 

If you offer a professional service that improves the quality of peoples lives, we’d love to talk.

You can reach out to us via our contact form, or dive right in by filling out a brief questionnaire so we can get a better idea of who you are and what you’d like to accomplish. You can access the questionnaire by clicking on the button below.


What Do I Need to Get Started?

You don’t need to have a 10,000 member email list or a US$5k monthly ad budget, although it’s cool if you do.

Our service works best for businesses who have the following:

An existing service and well established business

Are able to budget at least US$30/day towards marketing spend

✔ Some existing sales

If you are still working on sales we are probably not a good fit for each other right now.

But if you have the above, great! OODA Rocket can help save you time, build your funnels, and take your business to the next level.

Seriously. That’s it.

Don’t worry about all of these things:


Landing page or email capture software?

AB testing tools?

We’ll build all of that for you. Whether you’re just ramping up, or you’ve got lots of traffic coming your way, we’ll create a funnel that can help you grow.

Ready to attract more leads, make meaningful connections and get more clients with our sales funnel service?

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